Dog Betting Tips

There is plenty of money to be made on the greyhound races as long as punters have a handicapping system that involves studying the field and form guides of the dogs. Because there are no jockeys in greyhound racing, as there are in horseracing, the focus is on the dog and their career history and statistics. In most races, the winning greyhounds will have had a recent set of races; any running dog that has not raced in the last month should usually not be considered to win.

With greyhound races, because the betting pools are quite small, and the maximum field size of eight runners often includes lots of short priced favourites, getting high paying dividends for place bets can be more difficult than it is for horse or harness racing. This is why Win bets and the exotic betting markets are more popular, and if you employ the right methods of betting, generous returns on these bet types are possible. There are many attractive advantages to betting on greyhound races as well. For example, the smaller field of runners means there are less contenders to consider the odds and statistics for.

Some essential statistics to study when betting on greyhound races are the total number of wins the different boxes have had on the racetrack, which trainers have prepared the most winners, and the dog’s previous and split time records on the track. Also important in regards to the starting boxes, is that certain greyhounds run better from particular box numbers, so look at the best starting box for the running style of the dog.

Also remember to take into consideration the conditions of the track and how that will affect the contenders. For example, heavier greyhounds will race better than the lightweight runners on a wet track, and the dogs starting on the inside boxes usually have more success than the outer runners in wet conditions.

Greyhounds are commonly retired from racing aged between four and six years, so when betting keep an eye of the age of the runners as an indication of where they are in their racing careers and what level they should be performing at. Generally greyhounds reach their racing peak at age two for males, and three for females.

Major Australian bookmakers offer odds on greyhound races at Casino, Geelong, Ipswich, Mandurah, Richmond, Shepparton, The Gardens, Traralgon and more. Further down the page you will find a complete listing of all the greyhound race tracks in Australia.

Many of the same bet types that punters place on horse races can also be placed on the greyhounds including: win, place, quinella, exacta, trifecta, and first four bets.