Greyhounds not micro-chipped can race in Victoria

Interstate greyhounds will be able to race in Victoria from the start of 2012 despite not being micro-chipped.

All Victorian greyhounds have been brought up to date with the new checking procedure but the standard across the country hasn’t been realized.

Greyhounds Australasia (GA) is an organization comprising the nine greyhound racing jurisdictional bodies of Australia and New Zealand.

For GA, ‘Compulsive Resolutions’ are those acknowledged to be of national Importance.

In November 2009, GA passed a ‘Compulsive Resolution’ regarding the micro-chipping of greyhounds.

They started that all racing stock will be allowed to race without a micro-chip until they retire.

It differed to Greyhound Racing Victoria (GRV) who  had up to 10,000 dogs micro-chipped.

They did so to have all dogs racing in the state to be micro-chipped by January 2012.

Interstate participants regularly race in Victoria due to its attractive prizemoney, the greatest number of group events and modern facilities.

GRV, over a long period of time has demonstrated a willingness to engage in best practice across all areas of the business.

Given the need for an cooperative approach, the GRV is now prepared to provide for all existing interstate racing stock.

They will fall into line with GA and allow dogs to race in Victoria who are not micro-chipped until the old procedure is fazed out.

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