Greyhound Racing Winning Box Form Analysis has just run some quick analysis over more than 10,000 greyhound races in Victoria to find out which box has the greatest winning percentage. It was no surprise that Box 1 came out on top being closest to the rail. Do any of these numbers factor in to your form analysis?

It is really simple to calculate winning box percentage. Whilst these numbers have been crunched over 10,000+ greyhound races, you can do it to any number of races. Of course, analysing just 10 greyhound races from one night at the track will probably give you highly skewed results, you can start to see statistically significant data from about 50 – 100 races.

Apply this math to a data set of your own and see if it comes out looking something like our graph/data here. All you need to do to get the percentage is take the total wins from each box and divide it by the total number of races. For example, our data had 1729 wins from box 1 out of 10,246 races. 1,729 / 10,246 = 16.87%!

Greyhound Races Winning Box Percentage

Greyhound Races VIC - Winning Box Percentage

Box 1 – 16.87%
Box 2 – 13.62%
Box 3 – 11.62%
Box 4 – 10.58%
Box 5 – 10.00%
Box 6 – 10.62%
Box 7 – 11.54%
Box 8 – 15.14%

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