GRNSW Release Sky 2 Schedule

Media Release: GRNSW

Greyhound Racing New South Wales (GRNSW) today released the racing schedule that will fill four new timeslots following the March 30 launch of Sky Racing 2.

An updated version of the TAB Grading Policy was also released, which caters for the new ‘TAB C’ tier of racing.

The Sky Racing 2 schedule uses existing Non-TAB meetings and converts them to TAB C status.

The schedule runs until June 30, after which a new full-year calendar will take effect. GRNSW is currently undertaking a period of consultation on the TAB race date calendar proposed from July 1.

GRNSW has committed to staging up to eight additional meetings per week as part of the Sky Racing 2 changes. Four timeslots – being Thursday Day, Saturday Twilight, Saturday night and Sunday Day – are being taken up immediately, with the remainder set to be introduced over the next six to 12 months.

The three month schedule for each new timeslot is shown in full on the GRNSW website. Amendments to the Non-TAB schedule, being made to accommodate Sky Racing 2, are also available on the website.

The TAB Grading Policy has been amended to reflect the introduction of TAB C racing. Grading of TAB C meetings will essentially fall in to line with the current TAB system that treats each track and distance separately.

The updated policy will be effective for all meetings graded on or after Monday 29 March. The full policy can be found on GRNSW’s website.

Importantly, owners and trainers should note that nominations for the new TAB C tier of racing will be taken centrally by GRNSW by fax or online only. No phone nominations will be accepted. Full nomination closing details are listed on the GRNSW website.

GRNSW Chief Executive Brent Hogan said the launch of Sky Racing 2 later this month will be a watershed moment for the sport.

“The launch of Sky Racing 2 provides GRNSW with an unprecedented opportunity to take TAB racing to new regional markets, capitalise on the wagering returns to the sport and expand our existing customer base.

“When all eight additional meetings are in place, over 400 Non-TAB meetings will have been put to work to earn revenue for the NSW greyhound industry. This allows us to continue the prizemoney growth of recent times with a further $1.3 million injection, taking 18 month growth to $6.3 million.”

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