Bryson Appointed Greyhounds Queensland Chairman of Stewards

Media Release: GQL

Zac Bryson has been named the new Chairman of Stewards at Greyhounds Queensland.

GQL Chair Ms Kerry Watson announced this today congratulating Zac on his appointment.

Former Chairman of Stewards Danny Ryan died suddenly late last year.

Zac has been with GQL’s steward’s panel since September 2008.

He was promoted to senior steward – investigations not long after and has been in the Acting Chairman of Stewards position since November.

“The Board of GQL has been impressed with Zac’s dedication and the commitment he has shown to stewarding and we believe he is the right person to step into Danny’s shoes,” said Ms Watson.

Bryson is 36 and spent six years with the Queensland Police Service on general duties in Rockhampton, Mt Morgan and Redcliffe as well as completing a year with the Federal Police’s International Deployment Group.

He’s been a racing fan for a number of years.

Zac will assume the position immediately.