Financial Crisis to Retire to GAP

Media Release: Greyhound Racing SA

Last year 10 lucky SAFM listeners won a share in the racing greyhound “Financial Crisis”, and the 6 month duration of the competition is coming to an end.

Next week on February 11, Angle Park is hosting the Greyhound Racing SA’s Hunnie of the Year Awards, and it will also be the send off for Financial Crisis. The 10 syndicate members will be there to farewell the dog and so will SAFM’s Cosi and Rabbit.

Angela Webb from SA’s Grehound Adoption Program will manage his transition into GAP and a new foster family will be assigned to care for Financial Crisis, whose kennel name is Gus, until he is assessed by the Dog and Cat Management Board. This is where he is assigned a green GAP collar and is no longer required to wear a muzzle in public.

Not only has Financial Crisis won money for his syndicate owners – a total of $6685 from 19 starts – but he won a few hearts along the way too. One of the SAFM syndicate owners has completed GAP application forms so that he can adopt Financial Crisis from the program as a pet.

According to trainer Petar Jovanovic, “Gus has some special qualities and he will make an ideal family pet.”

The SAFM syndication promotion was extremely successful in communicating ownership of greyhounds through syndication, which led to a significant increase of new syndicates being formed year to date.

For further information please contact:

Natalie Bailey

GRSA Marketing Manager

Ph: (08) 8243 7100