Pulp Ready For Racing Debut

Wednesday night will mark the debut for Craig Chappelow’s promising greyhound Pulp as he hits the racetrack for the first time.

As the brother to champion sprinter Goodesy, the brindle dog is just over 33kg and will need to focus in order to get out box five and push through the field.

Chappelow stated that although the dog has had some great trial runs, they were by himself so his race could prove to be interesting with the extra distraction of fellow racers on the track.

With the newcomer just starting out in the greyhound racing industry, Chappelow is only after a successful run although the addition of a win would be fantastic.

However Pulp won’t be the only dog to debut on Wednesday with Simon Rhodes bitch Janitor Bale and Cee Tee Pee by Andrew Bayliss also hitting the track for the first time.

Race One at Bulli will take place on October 21.