Within Australia, greyhound races are one of the only sports where the majority of viewers are not mere spectators, but also place bets as the speed and thrill of the events attract more and more punters to the greyhound tracks.

In greyhound races, the competing dogs chase a lure, an artificial hare or rabbit, around a circular or oval shaped track until they reach the finish line. In other countries greyhound races are conducted purely on an amateur level as a form of entertainment, but here in Australia punters have fantastic opportunities to bet on plethora of professional greyhound races that take part at tracks all over the country. It is an exciting and fast paced racing event, and bettors who do the best at the greyhound races are those who know the sport and competitors well, and who have studied the history and statistics. The greyhound races share many of the same characteristics and features of horse racing, so fans and punters of the ever popular thoroughbred races, who are yet to place a bet on the greyhounds, should give the dogs a go!

In 1990 group status greyhound races were developed, and since then the popularity and position of greyhound racing with the Australian public and punters has increased exceptionally, as many more people discover the skill, entertainment and enjoyment of betting on the greyhound races. Greyhound races are also popular with punters in the UK, USA and Ireland. In Australia the racing and treatment of greyhounds is governed by the Australian Greyhound Racing Association (AGRA).

Before racing in a scheduled event, the greyhounds are broken in with a series of trials, where they go around a trial track, approximately 400 metres in circumference, which has similar conditions to the actual racetrack. As an indication of their performance, the dogs are given their split and overall times for the trial. For major races, the greyhounds must first perform in a qualifying trial conducted by the Race Club. Held under race conditions, the qualifying trial is used as a selection process for dogs to be included in a set racing event. Often the qualifying trial times of the greyhounds are displayed to public, and this is an excellent way to determine a runner’s chance of success in an upcoming race, and what greyhound to bet on for a healthy return!

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